Mortgage Brokers save a borrower time and money. Brokers match up borrowers with the best lender for their needs. Not all Lenders are the same. A Broker is going to knows which Lender is going to be the most competitive for a particular borrower’s situation. Lenders have their “sweet spots” for particular types of loans and matching up the right loans with the right borrowers is how a Broker can provide the best service for their clients. A Broker can give a client something that a Bank cannot which is variety. Brokers are free to choose from 20 or more different lender partners and can shop around for their clients and match them up with the best deal. Lenders have different thresholds for what they consider risk so while one lender may turn you down for a loan, another one may approve you. Brokers know the ins and outs of this delicate dance with underwriters and help you navigate through this process so you come out ahead!